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If you are looking for  contemporary corporate clothing in the shape of leather aprons for your staff, you have reached the right address. Leather is hot at this moment. There is no alternative for this natural material with its characteristic appeal. The clothing your staff wears, forms an important part of the image of your restaurant , bar or shop. People pay attention to all details. The Vedgla Leather Aprons, long and short, Premium and Deluxe, are made of fullgrain bovine leather. Choosing the right leather with the desired properties should best be left to those people who are dedicated to this task for almost 90 years. "Living Leather" is a second nature to us. That is where we make the difference. We translate your professional demands into just the right kind of leather, the right type of apron. Let the experts help you with the design and clothing of your company, that always translates into a higher return on investment.


Vedgla Living Leather offers a line of standard models. Our forte lies in our ability to look at, together with our client, what design best fits the environment in which the apron will be worn. The material lies at the basis of the design. We can advise you on the different kinds of leather suited for the production of leather aprons. The model, the shape, the details of the pockets or loops, the attachment of the shoulderstraps, are all flexible. Don´t you want something special for your company? 

Price / Quotation

For the B-to-B clients normally requiring larger numbers, we will offer attractive pricing. The quotation you will receive from us clearly outlines the alternatives and the associating costs. You might wish to decide to receive your order in bulk or alternatively neatly wrapped in a gift package. We understand very well that you are likely to work with budgets, and therefore we are quite comfortable working towards a target price for your apron.  We will give you a reliable production and delivery planning for the customized aprons you have ordered from us.


You want your aprons to completely match your Corporate Identity ? You would like to see your name and / or logo on the apron? We are familiar with the different techniques used for doing so. We can use a cliché to emboss your name on the apron or we can also user laser techniques. We are happy to tell you what this will mean for the endresult.  

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